Interest earned on Iban incurs tax according to the country of the investor. Generally speaking, countries have their own independent tax legislation and it is the responsibility of the investor to pay the tax that they are due. 

The information in this help section does not constitute any form of advice - to receive such advice and to understand how to pay tax, we recommend that you speak to your tax authority or a fiscal expert.

In order to receive your fiscal information corresponding to the previous fiscal year, please send us an email to with the following information:

  1. Your Client Code (CVL)
  2. Your passport number, identity card number or incorporation number (for business clients)
  3. Your full name. For business clients, please indicate the full name of the company as well as the representative
  4. The email address which you used to sign up to Iban

Once verified, you will receive within 5 days a PDF with your fiscal information corresponding to 2018, sent to the email address stated in the request.