Welcome to Iban Wallet’s refer a friend program! Under this program, Iban account holders are able to refer their friends to Iban and they can earn a bonus when their friends top-up into their accounts.

Note: for accounts in EUR currency, this program will be temporarily replaced by the Refer a Friend Program Plus as long as it remains active - find out about it here

  • Who can refer?

Any customer with an active Iban account is able to refer to their friends.

  • Who can be referred to?

To be eligible, the referred person must not have ever registered with Iban, be over the age of 18 and resident in a country where Iban Wallet offers its services. 

  • What is the bonus? 

After a new Iban Wallet customer registers with the referral code of a friend and makes a single deposit above €1000/$1000/MXN$1000, both the referred and the referrer will earn €25/$25/MXN$100 directly into their Iban Accounts.

  • When is the bonus paid? 

The bonus is paid immediately on the Iban Wallets account of the referrer and the referred person, right after the referred person makes a deposit above €1000/$1000/MXN$1000.   

  • How can someone be referred to?

In order to refer a friend, an active user must log in to their Iban account, head over to the account’s profile section and press on the button named “Share to earn bonus”. After that, he will see a page that contains his referral code, which can be copied or shared directly. 

The code must be shared with the referred person, who will have to insert it when creating their account with Iban. The referred person must enter the code before creating their account and verifying their identity, and they must do so on the specific field that requests either a referral code or a financial manager code. Please note that if the code is not entered during this step, it cannot be entered later.

After the referred person has created their account, the only remaining step to do is to add the funds. In order to activate the bonus, the referred person must make a single deposit of a minimum of  €1000/$1000/MXN$1000. Be aware that when the referral code has been added to a new account, the new customer will be unable to use other promotional codes until he activates his referral bonus by making a deposit above €1000/$1000/MXN$1000. 

  • What remaining information is relevant?

An account has no limits on the number of friends it can refer, but will only be able to earn up to €250/$250/MXN$1000, or up to 10 referral activations.

Everytime a new user signs up, an Iban Account will be automatically opened. When you first add funds, these will be transferred to this account. After this, you will be able to access other types of accounts.

If you believe you have fulfilled the requirements to earn a referral bonus but are yet to receive it, please contact our support team. You can do so via our chat or at help@ibanwallet.com 

We retain the ability to suspend users and reverse bonuses if we observe any activity that we deem abusive, fraudulent or in violation of our Terms and Conditions or the rules established by this document.

Be aware that these conditions might change. We retain the right to make changes to these terms at any time and without prior notice. If amendments are made, then this article will be modified to reflect those changes, which will be in effect as soon as the article is updated. 

The terms and conditions for the refer a friend program are available in English at this link.